Social Media Marketing and You

Over the next few weeks, I will be delivering a sort of white paper on social media marketing, including definitions, current stats, frameworks, most popular tools, ideas, and how to develop ROI and measuring tools. This can be a good basis for building your own socialm media marketing strategy.

Check out my “social media” and “marketing” tags for more entries on on this topic.

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Social Media Marketing: Measuring Metrics and ROI

Social Media Marketing is all about niche markets, it’s not about numbers. Nor is there a standardized metrics method. Therefore the methods for measuring campaign successes vary. When creating the metrics for a campaign, it is important to measure  what matters most to CWF: donations, visits, actions. For SMM, you measure actionable information. It’s in real time — as an organization, we must monitor and respond to conversation stream in services like Twitter

Resources required

  • Large-scale campaigns often done through agencies, but community manager is in-house
  • not a one-time campaign: requires ongoing maintenance and management


  • numbers of posts/comments/linked/visits / PV/donations/ subscriptions/ shop
  • profiles of people to show ROI
  • 20%  on market research

Success matrix

  • Create your own: Google blog search, twitter search, Google trends (keywords), delicious (have staffers link with specific tag – set as RSS news), Backtype – comments
  • PV, # posts, comments, sentiment of discussion, Google page rank, technorati, number of event attendees, authenticity on technorati, sales by site
  • PV on news releases
  • emails: 25 – 40% click through rate

Actual ROI

  • drove traffic & sales
    • $
    • percent ROI
  • true sales
  • increase organic search

What to measure

  • Gestures
    • vote, publish, comment, tag, forward, view, link
  • Qualities
    • frequency, tone, prominence
  • Composite Indices
    • engagement, influence, community

How to know if engaging audience (5 c’s of engagement)

  1. Creating
  2. Critiquing
  3. Chatting
  4. Collecting
  5. Clicking


  • Daily
    • Review feeds & metrics to identify trends & need for immediate action
  • Weekly
    • Report on trends with recommendations for action
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Social Media Marketing: Frameworks

Suggested Framework

a)  Outline Concept

  • Determine the objective – decide what want to accomplish with this campaign using SMM
  • How SMM ties into the promotion of the campaign

b)  Audience

  • Identify exact target audience based on campaign’s criteria
    • Matched to specific demographics, psychographics, affinities, locations
    • Identify segments and their expected behaviors:
      • Awareness – ‘Readers’
      • Support for the Cause – ‘Signers’
      • Recruitment – ‘Encouragers’
      • Mobilization – ‘Participators’
      • Action – “Influencers”
    • Determine target audience’s affinities – What are they into?
      • Music groups, sports, movies, books, TV, brands, etc.
    • Identify Key Influencers or VIP within this community
      • Usually fans with most Friends, posts, tweets, etc.

c) Metrics

  • determine what will be a successful campaign

d) Determine best reward

  • Incentivize Influencers to expose brand to their fan bases
  • provide incentives
    • gifts, cash, acknowledgement, rankings, points
  • Maximize engagement, max rewards (ranked):
  1. Cash
  2. Gifts
  3. Discounts
  4. contests
  5. Points
  6. Rankings
  7. Badges/visibility

e) Determine best SM to pursue for campaign

  • Determine level of interaction required
    • Scale of smallest to largest: view, rate, review, react, create (CWF eg: wikis, videos, widgets, WAG notebook)

f) Set guidelines for delivery

  • be genuine, unique, true, consistent
  • commitment – participate, bring others in
  • supporter feedback

g) Act & Promote

  • Deliver campaign
  • Create landing pages on CWF

h) Maintenance

  • Requires resources, time, dialogue, conversation
  • set criteria on actionables:
    • what to respond/what not
  • Steph and Stacey responsible for responding
  • ongoing rewards and incentives

Keys to success

  • release control
  • they are our representatives
  • how to start community
    • kickstart – social ads on FB

Social Media Options

  • Twitter
  • E-blasts
  • Facebook
  • Wikis on CWF
  • Q&A
  • Flickr & Photos
  • Google maps
  • Delicious
  • Social contesting
  • Blogs
  • Mobile
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Social Media Marketing Strategy: Multitasking, Most used SM networks and Summary, oh my!

Multitasking SMM with other media

The trend of internet users at home is to browse their favourite SM networks while also watching TV, browsing internet, listening to music, etc.

Most used SM networks in Canada

  • Facebook
  • 90% Canadians on Facebook
  • YouTube
    • Youtube worldwide leader for video
  • Wikipedia
  • Mobile
    • “3rd screen”

Stat Summary

  • The Internet has the highest penetration in Canada amongst the G7 reaching 72% of all Canadians on a monthly basis
  • Social Networking currently reaching over 20 million Canadians of all demographics, regions, and income groups.
  • Females are currently more engaged with social networking consuming more pages and spending more minutes in the category then their male counter parts
  • Canada is a Facebook and Youtube Nation
  • Video is BIG, and Canadians are heavy users of online video
  • Mobile is growing, and will play a big role in reaching consumers in the near and long term
  • Web 2.0 social media platforms are providing richer content delivery with the ability to share media and user generated content with other users online.
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Social Media Marketing Strategy: Adding it All Up


Use of Ads in SMM

  • Highly receptive to leisure ads (not receptive to necessity ads)
  • No longer push toward banner ads
  • Push is for ads on SM networks, such as Facebook
  • Google adwords still used
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Social Media Marketing Strategy: Online Ups and Downs


Overall fastest and slowest growing categories in Canada online:


1. Services

2. Search/navigation

3. Conversational media

4. Photos

5. Community/women


1. Online trading

2. Genealogy

3. Incentives

4. Lotto sweepstakes

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Social Media Marketing Strategy: By the Number


Online behaviours

• Almost 24 million Canadians online in a month, spending an average of 46 hours online per person
• 94% of online population perform searches, conducting 33 searches per person in a month
• 85% of online population stream a video, viewing an average of 120 videos per viewer per month
• 85% of online population visit a social networking site, spending 6 hours per month per visitor
• 63% of online population visit a blog site in a month
• Social networking attracts all demos

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Social Media Marketing Strategy: Why use it?


Why use Social Media Marketing in campaigns?

Primarily, SM acts as brand filter – whether we’re out there in the SM netw0rks or not, our brand is being shaped in this environment. It is better we help shape it. Second, people are 80% more likely act (in our case donate) based on a friend’s recommendation. It is important that we encourage the influencers in the SM networks to convince their friends that supporting CWF is the way to go.

During a SM campaign, the goal is to move visitors down the conversion funnel by engage them in meaningful dialogue which in turn will hopefully cause a shift in brand awareness.

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Social Media Interivew

Check out the interview of Tobi McIntyre, editor of Dragonfly Media Publishing on the use of social media in businesses for the June Editor’s Association of Canada conference.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy: What’s It All About


Definition & Framework

Social media marketing (SMM) is an engagement with online communities to generate exposure, opportunity and donations. The number-one advantage is generating exposure for the organization, followed by increasing traffic and building lists of possible donors.

SMM exists within the Web 2.0 world, which follows the concept of “eyeballs versus hands.” Essentially, users of the internet are no longer satisfied with just viewing content we push at them – they want to be the creators now. It is called the “Conversation Nation” since it utilizes online social networks to spread the message of a brand or organization. The idea behind this concept is that third party promotion is the best method for delivering your message.

This can be seen in the web activities that are on their way up: Social Networks, Viral/Word of Mouth Marketing, Friends/Influencers/Trend Spreaders, Building Community, Widgets/Widgads (replacing banner ads for Web 2.0). What are on the way down online are banner ads, keywords and blind blasting in email campaigns.

Check out more definitions:

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